About Us

RageJunkie.com has one mission: fulfilling our viewer’s desire to be unique. To accomplish this we operate a website that offers a one stop source for electronic dance music, news, videos apparel and accessory items specifically aggregated for creating outfits to wear to music festivals, raves, concerts, parties, and other social events. Aiming to bring you the latest and greatest in the scene, the website is constantly updated with new content and product offerings. RageJunkie also carries out on-site sales at various festivals and events, while sponsoring multiple dance teams, DJs, and other various groups. Consider the party brought.

Scattered throughout various cities of the world, the RageJunkie Team consists of veteran ravers, up-and-coming DJs, gogo dancers, fashionistas, web experts, and ambitious interns. With over three years of experience selling some of the best apparel and accessories for the scene, our brand continues to grow daily. We consider ourselves to be tastemakers in the EDM industry and we are always looking for the latest music and products for our visitors.

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